Today we see the Fashion Industry actively making positive change and socially responsible sustainable decisions around procurement, manufacturing and distribution. Not only is the industry evolving in this sphere, they are also choosing partners that share their values and vision for a green economy. What happens after the point of sale is less talked about.

Unbound by seasons and trends, Trading in Style are supporting the circular economy of fashion. Recycling items reduces pollution and puts clothing back into circulation that otherwise might end up in landfill or being incinerated. Trading in Style is a brand that is part of the fashion industry’s solution, rather than its problem.

Supporting the Circular Economy

We choose partners that share our values and vision for a green economy. By collaborating with conscious individuals, influencer and media personalities, along with like minded brands, together we can not only achieve change but influence others to make it.

Creating a Conscious Consumer Community

The Trading in Style customer makes an informed decision around fast fashion and environmental impact. Facilitating green fashion choices, Trading in Style is creating a very chic ‘conscious consumer community’.

Our Brand Promise

A holistic business with purpose, the TIS team empowers their staff, gives back to the community and ensures that all touch points of the business aligns with their values of style plus substance.