Out of Office

Out of Office

Out of office is not only about adding pieces into your wardrobe that will serve as staples, but also pairing your best classic and go-to look’s with your most eccentric and unique accessories.

Weekday to Weekend

Transforming from weekday to weekend can be simple. A crisp white button up paired with a cropped distressed jean and slingback heels is the perfect ‘drinks with the girls’ fit.

Adding your favourite distinctive bag and or accessories with a simple yet sophisticated look is bound to turn heads on your night out.

A truly unique piece to pair back with this look is a Trading In Style and cult favourite, the Dior Saddle Bag. The original shape by Dior is enough on its own to add flair, although the unique pattern, print and colour way is what will ultimately elevate this neutral look into an iconic one.

Bags to Cherish

Sundresses on a Sunday

Moving from Saturday night to Sunday morning. Just about every woman knows the impenetrable feeling of being stuck on what to wear.

Adding a simple sundress to your wardrobe not only eliminates the stress of having to throw an outfit together but is a stunning and airy option that will forever remain a timeless item.

Lending itself to this warmer weather, these sunny options are sure to make you feel bright on a Sunday morning.

Sundresses on a Sunday

Simplify, elevate and exaggerate your wardrobe by adding pops of colour, classic staple items and investment pieces that will last you a lifetime and keep you prepared for every out of office event.