Building a Sustainable Future

Building a Sustainable Future

Today’s modern fashion narrative is shifting

Resale's upward trajectory 

As individuals become more socially responsible in their consumer habits, brands are pivoting their approach – responding to customers’ demand for more sustainable shopping. With this, the resale fashion industry has seen a huge upwards trajectory – and is predicted to double the size of the fast fashion industry by 2030.

Investment pieces gaining traction

Whilst giving luxury investment pieces a second lease on life and wardrobes a greater endurance, the rise of the second-hand retail market sees active change centred around areas of procurement, manufacturing and distribution. Not only is the industry evolving in this sphere, but now what happens after the point of sale is beginning to gain more traction – and attention. 

Empowering individuals

Unbound by trends and seasons, whilst empowering individuals to think, act and shop responsibly, Trading in Style support a circular economy, and are working to be a part of the fashion industry’s much-needed solutions, rather than its problems. Placing high-end, highly coveted items back into rotation – which might otherwise end up as landfill or incinerated – Trading In Style are leading the cohort, proving the future of luxury fashion is in resale.