It all began about 12 years ago when (now business partners) Bianca and Jenna worked together at Bondi boutique, Me and Moo. The girls instantly clicked from sharing a connection through their love of fashion, merchandising, e-commerce and social media.

Bianca and Jenna wanted to find the perfect combination between cost effective shopping and sustainability, through recycling luxe fashion. As a result, TRADING IN STYLE was born. The concept involves sourcing excellent condition, pre-loved designer pieces where all items are beautifully curated and showcased on social media through the girls' signature styling.

TRADING IN STYLE started out selling solely via Instagram and the response was incredible. Through this platform the girls have had the pleasure of working with many high profile clients such as; bloggers, tv personalities and more. Another contributing factor to the business’s success is how active and instant they manage servicing 30,000 followers, as virtual e-assistants. Using this method allows the business to capitalize Instagram's immediate reach and create a sense of urgency for the shoppers, which is heightened by only stocking one-off items. 

The journey began in 2018 in Jenna's backyard, helping our like-minded shopaholics find a new home for their once loved items. Within 5 months the girls were inundated with consignors and had organically gained a following on Instagram, enforcing a quick expansion into a showroom. 

Within a year not only did the team expand from two to six, but also fast tracked another relocation to TRADING IN STYLE’s current headquarters, based in Randwick, Sydney. The business went on to get national recognition when featured on channel nine's Today Show. The network featured TRADING IN STYLE’s philosophy of cashing in your wardrobe and shared the benefits of consigning. We stand by the quote:  “the more you bring, the more you make” our system gives you the opportunity to earn 50-70% of the sold price.

We invite you to join the community, enjoy your items then cash them in and let the fashion circle of life continue.