Nadia Fairfax's Wardrobe Edit

Nadia Fairfax's Wardrobe Edit

We talk to the uber fun and quirky fashionista Nadia Fairfax about her style, why she likes to consign her wardrobe and what she deems an overlooked but important piece to have on hand...
How would you describe your style?

It’s a little all over the place, I find this such a hard question. I usually dress to my mood, sometimes I want to dress like cat woman or sometimes I want to dress like a tennis star from the 80’s. It’s all about having fun. I guess the way I dress can be a little kooky, perhaps a little timeless, perhaps a little bold.

Why do you consign your goodies?

I could sit here and say ‘environmental reasons’, and of course that’s important and definitely a factor and I truly believe it’s a social responsibility to recycle clothing.

However, that’s not the only reason. I love to save money, and I find sometimes the spending on fashion can become quite rampant, so for me to be able to consign things and get a little money back into the kitty to then spend again just on clothes is so key. I like to use it as kind of like a ‘clothing bank’. Makes for the next purchase as somewhat ‘guilt free’ and much better for the environment too. Not to mention saving on the wardrobe space as well! 

What do you consider to be an investment piece that you would have in your wardrobe forever?

So I feel like a normal answer would be like a blazer, or jeans, or crisp white shirts, which of course we all have. But I think something we all forget that we need to have, is an awesome black-tie dress that you can pull out over and over again. A black-tie gown, for events that you can just change up by adding a fresh pair of earrings or a crazy and bold shoe.

What was your favourite piece from this collection that’s difficult to part with?

I always find it difficult to part with anything from Aje. But I think this beautiful number really deserves a new home!! I will look so beautiful on someone and it’s such a great event piece. I’ve worn it a few times, the last time I wore this was to a christening. It’s just so full and so beautiful!!